2013: What’s in store from Citrix? A lot!


Another year begins and as always Citrix is continuing to blaze a trail enabling everyone to make a move to the cloud.  A quick review of what 2012 held for Citrix shows yet another breakout year as the leader in enabling users to work the way they’re comfortable while allowing businesses to more easily extend their control over the data and services their user’s require.  Quite a few acquisitions took place in typical Citrix fashion and we can certainly expect to see these benefit the existing Citrix product stacks and create new ones.

iAccess is looking forward to what’s in store from Citrix this year and you should be excited too.  There is a transition in the way we manage our applications and desktops as well as the way in which we enable flexible workspaces coming with the next versions of Citrix virtualization.  The name of the upcoming suite is currently codenamed Project Avalon.  Project Avalon is a much more encompassing solution itself, but if we look at one of its first releases (codenamed Project Excalibur) we can better review the changes that are coming  in comparison to the majority of Citrix implementations out there today and see that Citrix is consolidating a number of its solutions under one management console.  They’re also expanding single image management through the use of the previously XenDesktop exclusive solution of Machine Creation Services to work with server operating systems.  Of course this means simplified XenApp server provisioning and management through a shared, locked down build.  The release will include full Windows 8 and Server 2012 support which brings many new features and functionality by virtue of Microsoft’s enhancements.  There will also be EdgeSight real-time analytics built-in for monitoring the environments and reporting their health to the help desk and system administrators further decreasing the number of servers required and consoles to open also improving user’s experience by seeing problems before they are even noticed.  All of these improvements fall under the FlexCast 2.0 model Citrix has been striving towards for years to better enable IT department efficiency and enhance user’s experiences. With its improvements around the HDX protocol we as admin, users and managers will see and feel benefits in our work-life as it intelligently adapts to our devices and their available bandwidth.



We’re also looking to see new functionality and flexibility in the second release of Project Avalon (codenamed Project Merlin) which will include a robust set of tools for self-service provisioning, management and service orchestration through the use of the Citrix Cloud label services which will give corporations and service providers the ability to easily scale their solution as requirements morph.

There will also be a number of products, or features becoming available around Mobile Device Management (MDM) with the acquisition of ZenPrise and improved data and video delivery to mobile devices with the ByteMobile acquisition.  More support in controlling the content on mobile devices comes with the release of the Citrix @WorkMail and @WorkWeb applications which create a fully managed work email app and Intranet access app.  These will improve corporations increasing needs with industry specific regulations for compliance purposes or to simply create more peace of mind when users travel and further expand use of their own devices for work.  There is much, much more coming in 2013 including improvements in XenServer and with Citrix Receiver along with NetScaler, Branch Repeater and Cloud Gateway enhancements!

Stay tuned as we continue to investigate these products and others as they become available for general and trial use! Contact us with your questions or thoughts at: (email@iaccessinc.com) and keep an eye on Citrix announcements at https://www.citrix.com/news.html