January 29, 2013


Are your IT initiatives aligned with the business?


AlignmentAre your business users frustrated?  Are they complacent about IT?  Have you asked them? 

We look at the ever-changing landscape of technology and the impacts it has on business.  We scratch our heads and wonder if we should take the leap into new technologies or if we should sit back and watch for a little while to see what others in the industry are doing.  Do we maintain traditional IT Operations where we can ensure stability and control (complacency)?  Do we take the chance of breaking into uncharted territories to stay ahead of competition, forcing change (frustration)?  Can we do both?

We know the answer…but how do we get there?   

Proper alignment with the business means building a two-speed IT organization – Bi-modal IT.  Instead of IT mandating what can or cannot be done, or the business forcing new initiatives on IT (read: shadow IT), alignment ensures that IT and other business units are in lock-step to provide the perfect combination of stability and innovation.

At iAccess, we focus on proper alignment by working with IT teams to begin thinking about how the business perceives IT, how to change that perception if required, and how to create a bi-modal IT culture.  Our methodology is simple.