The Death of IT

The Death of IT A call to action Eric Umstead   From the beginning of (business) time, tools were implemented to achieve increasing levels of efficiency.  From the abacus to the typewriter, the calculator to modern day computer systems, tools have evolved to improve business efficiency.  Information Technology departments were born out of the necessity[…]

Sanbolic MelioFS End-of-Life

Since before the acquisition of Sanbolic by Citrix, the MelioFS product has been utilized to reduce the administrative overhead of managing multiple Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) vDisk stores.  The MelioFS software allowed for creation of a clustered file system on Microsoft Windows servers, thus reducing the number of vDisks that had to be sychronized across[…]


Part 1 Hyper-:  a prefix meaning “over,” usually implying excess or exaggeration. Converged:  the past tense of a verb meaning the tendency to meet in a point. Two or more things inclining toward one another. Based on the above, hyperconverged could be defined as an excessive coming together of two or more things.  In technology,[…]