Estes Trucking Builds a New Secure Data Center With a Look To The Future

Estes Express Lines Implements EMC, Citrix and Cisco in new data center

Estes Express Lines

Estes has provided top-quality transportation solutions since 1931. Throughout the years, high integrity and an unwavering commitment to our customers have guided our growth from a small, one-man operation to one of the top 25 carriers in the industry.


  • Increase IT efficiency
  • Support computing needs in terminals nationwide
  • Prepare for disaster recovery


  • Saved IT staff time through automated provisioning
  • Increased performance of the SAN infrastructure
  • Built foundation for disaster recovery program

After evaluating two preintegrated data center platforms, Estes Express Lines selected Cisco, EMC, and Citrix.  iAccess took a completely fresh look at data center infrastructure, with the result that the Cisco/EMC system is optimized for increased IT efficiency and rapid deployment.  As their computing needs grow, they can add storage and compute capacity in small increments. And they will be able to control a practically unlimited number of systems from the same management interface.


Estes Express Lines also liked the fact that EMC/Cisco Infrastructure Platforms use best-of-class technology already widely used in the industry. Estes Express Lines has standardized on Cisco® networking gear.

Estes Express Lines engaged iAccess, an advanced technology partner, for planning, design, and implementation services. iAccess installed the EMC/Cisco system, which consists of the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS) and EMC VNX. Estes Express Lines will take advantage of EMC Support for fast technical assistance.

Increased IT Efficiency

Automated provisioning and the ability to manage all servers, storage, and connectivity from a unified interface minimizes management overhead, an important consideration because, like trucking companies, Estes Express has a relatively small IT staff.  Reducing the time they spend on repetitive tasks like provisioning frees up time to focus on service-level agreements and innovation.

Next Steps

Disaster recovery has become a priority at Estes Express Lines, and Department Managers regard the EMC/Cisco/Citrix system as an important ingredient. The current plan is to consolidate storage from Headquarters to Peak 10 and then replicate virtual machines and data over the WAN to a private secondary site.