Holding your data hostage

I’m sure you’ve heard the news on a recent ransomware cyber-attack targeting the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center which left employees unable to access patient files and even had hospital staff declare an “internal emergency.”

What began as a cyber-attack on a Southern California hospital in February has soon unraveled into the hospital President and CEO declaring an “internal emergency” following “significant IT issues” faced by the hospital. Various parts of the hospital were rendered not operational. Some patients were transported and transferred to other hospitals as a result of the incident. Essential computer systems supporting CT scans, lab work, pharmacy and more departments are knocked offline. The hospital sought the assistance of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the FBI, according to NBC.

RESULTS of Attack

Immediate and longer term loss of revenue

Tarnished reputation

Client fear of personal information being shared

Huge Productivity hit

Increased threat of vulnerability

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