Using RES Workspace Manager to Mitigate IE Zero-day (2963983)

Update: Microsoft releases an out-of-band patch for the exploit, including an update for Windows XP.


On April 26th, Fireeye announced a zero-day exploit of Internet Explorer in the wild. IE 6 – 11 are vulnerable.  I’m going to show you how to create an execute command at logon action to unregister VGX.dll with RES Workspace Manager 2014 to force the DLLs to unregister when a user logs on to a RES-managed computer. […]

Estes Trucking Builds a New Secure Data Center With a Look To The Future

Estes Express Lines Implements EMC, Citrix and Cisco in new data center

Estes Express Lines

Estes has provided top-quality transportation solutions since 1931. Throughout the years, high integrity and an unwavering commitment to our customers have guided our growth from a small, one-man operation to one of the top 25 carriers in the industry. […]


With so many storage options in the market today, what sets one apart from another? Like many other technologies, storage is becoming more commoditized and the differentiations are hard to find. It seems like the storage companies are leapfrogging one another at a slower rate than ever.

2013: What’s in store from Citrix? A lot!

Another year begins and as always Citrix is continuing to blaze a trail enabling everyone to make a move to the cloud. A quick review of what 2012 held for Citrix shows yet another breakout year as the leader in enabling users to work the way they’re comfortable while allowing businesses to more easily extend their control over the data and services their user’s require.