January 29, 2013


three-partIn order to create a strong bimodal IT practice,
you must first Renovate the Core.


Gartner recommends a three-part approach to taming the digital dragon.
1. Renovate the Core
2. Build bimodal capability
3. Create powerful digital leadership


iAccess has developed a maturity benchmark to focus on core renovation, we believe this is the
step most organizations will skip in an effort to “bolt-on” an innovation practice.  The result will be
a disjointed technology practice that prevents effective synergy between traditional IT Operations
and new Innovation teams.

Our methodology is simple, we have taken industry proven maturity practices and conformed them to a model that allows your organization to make the right choices based on business requirements.  Because the assessment evaluates IT processes and alignment with the business, there are no slanted hardware and software sales promotions hidden in the recommendations.



•       Management and Monitoring

•       Business Resumption

•       Virtualization/Cloud

•       Service & Process Automation

•       Self-Service Automation

•       Reclamation and Rightsizing for Cloud

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